1959 The Charles Gigandet SA company is founded in Tramelan, in the canton of Bern.
1989 Jean-François Muller becomes the Manager and then Owner of Charles Gigandet SA.
1994 Sébastien Muller joins the Charles Gigandet SA family company and takes charge of the R&D department.
1997 Christiane Muller joins the company as a Microtechnology Designer and Technical Manager.
1998 The Muller family sells its production company to the Victorinox AG group, based in the canton of Schwyz.
1998 Sébastien Muller becomes the Manager of Victorinox Watch SA and Christiane Muller becomes Quality Manager.
1998 Creation of Blanchefontaine SA, specialising in Private Label business, 100% owned by the Muller family.
2008 New business strategy, new concept and new business position.
2010 Sébastien Muller leaves the Victorinox group and returns to work at the family business.
2011 Christiane Muller joins the Blanchefontaine SA family business as a Designer in charge of new product development.